Bh2 Leisure Receives Defibrillator


A lifesaving defibrillator has been installed at Bh2 kindly donated by Bournemouth Rotary Club providing access to vital equipment to visitors in the centre and surrounding areas in the town. Roz Scammell, the Immediate Past President of Bournemouth Rotary said "My Club is delighted to donate a defibrillator for installation in Bh2, and hope that it will help give the best chance of survival to someone suffering from cardiac arrest." The defibrillator is one of the first to be donated by Bournemouth Rotary in the town centre. It has been installed on the ground floor of Bh2 Leisure between restaurants TGI Friday’s and Pizza Express. Martin Fagan, National Secretary of the Community Heartbeat Trust charity said “Community Heartbeat are delighted to have helped Bh2 Leisure in partnership with Rotary. Defibrillators are an important part of saving lives, and we can never have too many! From the time someone collapses, is unconscious and not breathing, you have about 5 minutes to save their life. Call 999 ambulance straight away, and then commence chest compressions (don't worry about breaths). This keeps them alive long enough to get and use the defibrillator. Actions within the first couple of minutes can save over 50% of patients with SCA. Minutes Matter.” Bryan Taylor, Centre Manager of Bh2 said “We’re extremely grateful to Bournemouth Rotary who have kindly donated the AED to Bh2 which hopefully will not be used any time soon, however it’s great to have the equipment available to assist in any emergencies which may arise.”    

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