Fun that’s out of this world


Summer might be nearly over but over here at BH2 Leisure, the fun is only beginning. We pride ourselves on pushing boundaries and providing the best entertainment and dining facilities in the area. With that being said, we are very excited to announce the opening of two brand new state of the art leisure facilities, Centre VR and Mr Mulligans.

Centre VR Want to go on an out of this world adventure? A virtual reality experience like no other? Get ready to immerse yourself into this virtual reality world away from the distractions of the ‘normal’ world. Opening on Saturday 18th August at 11am, Centre VR offers users an exciting gaming experience which puts YOU ‘in’ the game. Forget watching it on a screen, Centre VR allows players to walk around, crouch, jump and interact with other elements in the game by using your hands. Centre VR at BH2 Leisure will offer the game Tower Tag, an easy to learn shooting game but with plenty of strategy involved. Tower Tag uses haptic feedback vests so that players can really take the console into their own hands, as they will be able to feel each hit from their opponent. But don’t worry, players will use a gun which doesn’t require a reload and has other benefits such as being able to heal other team players and much more. You can play up to 3 v 3 players with matches up to 8 minutes long, and after each game, you are directed to a viewing area where you can review your strategy with your team and share on social media. For more info click here. Sounds good right? Well, mark your calendars for the 18th August and keep reading to find out how you could WIN tickets.

Mr Mulligans If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then grab your moon boots and let us introduce you to Mr Mulligans. A phenomenal and intergalactic space station that has just been built in the heart of BH2 Leisure, opening in September (keep your eyes peeled for further announcements). Mr Mulligans includes some of the most unique mini golf holes in the UK, spread over 3 courses, across 2 floors with eye-catching technology fun for all ages. If you make it on to the spaceship back home, be sure to refuel at the bar which supplies cosmic cocktail galore and soft drinks. If that isn’t enough, Mr Mulligans has its own restaurant, which will be serving made to order fresh pizzas alongside other grab and go food, all freshly made. Ticket prices range from £8 per adult and £25 for a 4 person family pass. Open until 10pm weekdays and midnight at the weekend, Mr Mulligans isn’t just fun for the family but great for children’s parties, corporate events, student nights and much more. For more info click here. If that hasn’t got you excited then we’re having a competition to WIN a complete game of Tower Tag for 6 people (3 v 3). Head over to our Facebook and Twitter page to find out how to enter. See you soon and happy gaming!

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