Green Travel


Green Travel at Bh2

At Bh2 Leisure, we pride ourselves in our efforts to be more green and environmentally conscious. We want to give our staff and customers a realistic, green and affordable travel information for getting to and from Bh2. Greenhouse gases are negatively impacting the planet and will lead to more drought/ flooding and less ice and snow. More extreme weather incidents will result in rising sea levels. We must change the way we use and generate energy to withstand the impacts of climate change and provide a future for generates to come.


Cycling to work improves cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness levels, lowers blood pressure and boosts energy, making it a great alternative mode to public transport. Staff and customers can use the Bh2 Beryl Bike Stand, which is located directly adjacent to Bh2 opposite the Garden Level entrance. The National Cycle Route 26 runs alongside Bh2. Find out more here.

Car Sharing

Share the cost of driving with others by car sharing. It will help reduce air pollution, alleviate parking problems, reduce congestion on roads and experience the convenience of a car, at a lower cost. We suggest looking into Pay As You Drive Club and Lift Sharing to Share Travel Costs.


Walking is great way to improve your fitness, and it’s free! No more excuses, take to your feet. Find out more here.


Bus stops are a very short stroll from Bh2 Leisure with the following services available to and from the centre of Bournemouth. Find out more here

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