We’re Vegan Friendly! #Bh2Vegan


It is Bournemouth Vegan Fair this weekend and we thought we would jump on the bandwagon! We want to tell you a little bit about the vast options available here at our restaurants for all you lovely vegans out there and of course for those just wanting to dabble in it! In fact the dishes are so delicious, we believe they will appeal to everyone! The number of people choosing to follow a vegan diet, whether that be full time or just some of the time, is on the rise and we are proud to say that we believe our restaurants to be very accommodating for this dietary requirement. Anyone can come and enjoy themselves here at Bh2 Leisure!

Ask Italian

Ask Italian have a whole menu dedicated to Vegan dishes and they even offer a vegan mozzarella alternative! Start off with a bowl of warm, gooey and melt-in-your-mouth vegan baked dough balls before deciding whether you would like pizza, pasta or a salad for your main. You can customize one of their tomato and vegan mozzarella alternative bases with a whole range of toppings including sauteed mushrooms, olives and grilled aubergines to name a few.

There are three pasta dishes to choose from, the Vegan Fettuccine con Verdure being a popular choice. The combination of courgettes, spinach, oven roasted tomatoes and olive tapenade is a delicious feast for the senses. If you fancy something a little lighter their Mixed Grain Salad with spelt, barley, rice, tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, asparagus, parsley and mint is perfect for the summer months.

If you love chocolate and you love dessert then Ask Italian have the perfect option. You can finish off your meal with their Vegan blood Orange and Chocolate Tart which not only looks gorgeous but tastes it too!

Handmade Burger Co.

Handmade Burger Co. is proudly registered with the Vegan Society and they have four vegan burgers to choose from! Their range includes their original Cajun Vegetable & Bean Burger but also Veg-Mex, Sweet Potato & Bean and Thai Vegetable. Veg-Mex is a wonderful assortment of flavours including handmade Mexican salsa, hand crushed avocado, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato and red onion! If you fancy something a little different the Thai Vegetable Burger is a delicious option.

Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas have got plenty of Latin American flavours available for Vegans. You can ask for the vegan versions of their Veggie Chilli and Moqueca de Palmitos, the latter being a creamy coconut curry complete with butternut squash, red peppers and fresh tomatoes. If you're after a salad, you can enjoy the Fiesta Ensalada, a fresh mix of butternut squash, mixed leaves, pink pickled onions, fresh avocado and much more. Alternatively their new Beetroot, Avocado & Cranberry Ensalada is lovely mix of sweet, fruity and savoury ingredients.

Finish off your meal with a sweet treat. Their Tembleque is a creamy, set coconut pudding with mixed berries and mango puree!


PizzaExpress are very excited to announce that on 20th June they will be launching their first ever vegan pizza! The vegan mozzarella alternative melts perfectly to give a delicious, creamy finish to the pizza and it is topped with artichokes, asparagus, red onion, garlic oil and black olives. Furthermore, because all of the pizzas at PizzaExpress are completely free of animal and dairy products, they can be ordered without the toppings in order to create a vegan friendly pizza! (Of course, there are plenty of toppings that will be fine for vegans).

The Coconut Delight vegan dessert really is heavenly. This sweat treat is created using coconut milk and shavings resulting in a flavourful and dreamy pud! If coconut isn't your thing then the Raspberry Sorbet also is vegan friendly.

Finally, you will be very happy to discover if you didn't know already, that the dough balls with olive oil and balsamic syrup are suitable for vegans!


Prezzo have a very Italian Penne Arrabbiata Classic pasta which is suitable for vegans! This classic dish is flavoured with crushed chillies, parsley and garlic in a pomodoro sauce. If you fancy something a little less heavy on the carbs, the Courgette Pappardelle is a great option and comes in at under 650 calories.

The pizza bases at Prezzo are vegan so can be ordered without cheese and with your choice of vegetable toppings.

The Real Greek

The Real Greek has such a grand selection of mezes that of course there are plenty that are suitable for vegans. Vegan dishes include the Green Pea Fava, Greek Olives, Humous, Greek Flatbread, Chickpeas (Revithia), Gigandes Plaki, Melitzanosalata, Dolmades and Grilled Aubergine with garlic tomato sauce. These are just some of the options so there is no need to miss out on a Greek feast!

We hope you'll agree there's a fantastic selection of Vegan food available here at Bh2 and this only just touches the sides! Come along and check it out for yourself and enjoy the wonderful dishes on offer. Do let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you have enjoyed any vegan dishes here and use the hashtag #Bh2Vegan too!

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